What Is the Purpose of a Computer Router?

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The purpose of a router is to send and receive packages over the Internet. Routers are programmed to get information from point A to point B in the most efficient and expedient manner necessary.


If packets were sent over the Internet with no help from a router, the Web would look something like a huge city with no traffic lights. Routers have the ability to predict which routes would be the fastest for arriving at a certain destination.


Routers are programmed to check the validity of incoming data packages. They have the ability to look inside the package and accept or reject it before it is sent throughout a Local Area Network (LAN).

Translate Protocols

Networks come in different types, and sometimes two networks that use different protocols might have trouble communicating. Routers can help by translating protocols and enabling better communication.


A router is necessary for a single computer or a network to get wireless access. Wireless routers such as Linksys from Cisco systems are common for home use.

Dynamic or Static

Routers employ dynamic protocols that have the ability to route packages without the intervention of a human. But routers can also be programmed statically, especially when levels of priority need to be established.


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