How to Purchase International Calling Cards?

by Heather Topham Wood

International calling cards is an option open to people who want to save money on their international calls. With an international calling card, you will be given a flat per-minute rate that is typically a fraction of the cost if you made the same call using a long-distance carrier or cell phone provider. You can choose international calling cards for specific countries or general versions that post different rates for each country that you may call.

Perform some research to check out different international calling card rates. Websites such as Telcobusters has a comparison tool that you can use to see the different rates available from international calling card companies.

Buy an international calling card to use to make calls to a specific country. For instance, Phone Card Smile retails cards that users can purchase to make international calls to India, Punjab and Asia.

Purchase your international calling card online. Both Telcobusters and Phone Card Smile allow you to buy the cards directly online. Once you enter your payment information, you will be emailed an access number as well as a pin. Keep these numbers in a safe place since you will need them each time that you make a call.

Check with your local convenience store for international calling cards. If you rather have the card in your possession and not give your credit card information online, you can buy international calling cards directly from stores such as Wal-Mart and 7-11.

Look at any other charges associated with the international calling card. Although the rate may be low, the company may tap on other fees, such as activation and connection fees.


  • check Remember to keep in mind that posted rates are for calls made from the United States. If you are going to be calling from a different country, you will need to enter that information online to see the adjusted costs.

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