How to Get a PUK Code

By Mandy Slake

A GSM phone will ask for a PUK code when the user has entered the wrong PIN unlock code too many times. PUK is short for "PIN unlock key." When the phone asks for a PUK code, the SIM card is locked and the phone can no longer make or receive calls. Users must get the PUK code from their wireless carrier. AT&T Wireless allows users to retrieve the PUK code online, but T-Mobile users must call customer care.

Contact your cellular carrier from another phone. T-Mobile's number is 800-866-2453. AT&T's number is 800-331-0500.

Log on to the AT&T Wireless My Account page if you are an AT&T subscriber. You can find the link in Resources.

Click the "My Services" link in the "My Account" section.

Click "My Phone/Device" and select "Unblock SIM Card." The PUK code will be displayed on the screen.

Enter the PUK code into the phone using the keypad or touch screen.