How to Publish Photos to WordPress From Your iPhone

by Paul Kemp
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WordPress is a blogging and content management system that allows users to create and customize their own blogs and blog templates. WordPress bloggers can incorporate text, links to audio files, video and, of course, photographs in their posts. The iTunes App Store offers a free application for iPhone users, developed by WordPress, that allows WordPress bloggers to add photos directly from an iPhone to their blog posts.

Step 1

Tap the "WordPress" app on your iPhone app screen. Tap the second menu option, "Add blog hosted at"

Step 2

Enter your WordPress username and password in the corresponding fields and tap "Sign In." A list of your WordPress blogs will appear. Tap the blog to which you want to add photos from your iPhone and tap "Add Selected."

Step 3

Tap the "New Post" icon in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen. Enter a title, tags, categories, status and blog text as desired in the displayed fields.

Step 4

Tap the "Media" icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the plus sign ("+") icon at the lower right corner to add photos to the WordPress roll. Select either the "Add Photo from Library" or "Take Photo" option.

Step 5

Tap the photo you want to add to your blog entry from your library if you selected that option. Snap your photo by tapping the "Camera" icon on the screen if you elected to take a photo. Select the posting size of your photo from the next menu. Wait for the "Uploading Image" progress bar to show that the image has been uploaded.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 if you would like to add more photos to your blog.

Tap the "Publish" button at the upper right corner of the screen. Your photos will be added to your selected WordPress blog in a new blog post.


  • You can download the WordPress iOS application free from the "App Store" on your iPhone or from the iTunes store.


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