How to Publish a Microsoft Access Database

By Ashley Leonard

Publish a Microsoft Access database.
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Microsoft Access is used to create forms and databases that can record information and improve productivity. Once you create a database, you have the opportunity to publish it so individuals can see your work. Publishing a Microsoft Access database might seem daunting but it can be doneeasily.

Step 1

Click "Start" on the lower, left corner of your screen and select "All Programs." A menu will open. Click "Microsoft Access." The program will open. Open the database that you want published.

Step 2

Click on the Microsoft Office button on the upper, left corner of the page. Select "Publish" and click "Document Management Server." A new window will open, allowing you to begin publishing your database.

Step 3

Type the URL of the Sharepoint site where you want the Microsoft Access database published. A Sharepoint site is a Windows-created server that allows you to upload databases and other forms. Your Microsoft Access program should allow you to create a Sharepoint site if you are using it for the first time. When you publish a database onto a Sharepoint site for the first time, Access will provide a list of servers that will make it easier to go to the location where you want it published. Access will remember the location for future publishing.

Step 4

Select the library where you want the database published. Click "Open." In the "Name" box, on the left side of the window, type in the file name for your database. Click "Publish" to publish your Microsoft Access database.