PS2 Setup on a Samsung Flat Screen TV

By Jeff Grundy

The PS2 requires only a simple A/V cable to connect to a television.
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For many gamers, large-screen TVs make the games they already love even more exiting and enjoyable. Connecting a PlayStation 2 to a Samsung flat-screen television is not any different from attaching the device to and using it with a conventional tube television. If you use the PS2 for local gaming only, you can setup the device in a couple of minutes. If you want play online with the PS2, setup takes a few minutes longer.

Step 1

Turn the television off.

Step 2

Connect one end of the A/V cable that shipped with the PlayStation 2 to the "Video" and "Audio" ports on the rear of the unit. The colors on the cable plugs match those on the ports. Therefore, just match the colors when plugging in the cables. The yellow cable connects to the "Video" port and the red and white cables plug into the corresponding colored "Audio" ports.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the A/V cable to the "Video In" and "Audio In" ports on the rear or side of the Samsung flat-screen TV. Note the name of the video input you use to connect the PS2 (i.e. Video In 1 or AV1).

Step 4

Connect the AC power adapter cord to the Sony PlayStation 2, and then plug the other end into an available electrical outlet or power strip.

Step 5

Connect the controller to the front face of the Sony PlayStation 2.

Step 6

Turn the TV on, and then use the remote control to select the input you used to connect the PS2 console. Turn on the PlayStation 2 console, and then insert a game disc into the optical drive. Use the controller to follow the prompts and begin the game.