Proxy Sites That Actually Work

By Erick Kristian

Proxy servers can help keep viruses off computers as well.
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Proxy sites allow Internet users to browse websites anonymously. That is, the sites the user visits will have no idea who the user really is. The user connects to a proxy site, and the proxy site then connects to the desired website, acting as an intermediary. There are literally thousands of proxy servers; however their connectivity and up time can be sporadic. As a result, finding good proxy servers can be difficult. Users should employ proxy list sites that regularly update lists of servers, ones that work and ones that don't. is a Web-based proxy server that offers both PHP and CGI-based proxies. The server lets users customize different proxy browsing options, such as removal of client-side scripting, accepting cookies and storing them, as well as a number of other interface options. The service is offered for free. is a free proxy checking site. They review and rate proxy servers. They promote servers based on merit, unlike other proxy sites that may promote paid proxy servers. The site simply provides an extensive list of proxy sites that work. offers a basic free proxy service. Through the free service, the site promotes paid services and software that offer added functioning and customization. Its paid service offers encryption that hides the information being transferred even from the client's Internet service provider, making the user's browsing experience almost completely anonymous. is a basic free PHP-based proxy service. Since it is PHP and basic, only some websites will work with the service. The site contains advertising, but the service works, albeit not on all sites. is one of the more popular free proxy sites. It allows the user to remove cookies and scripts, as well as ads. In addition, the site allows users to hide referrer information, make the page text only, minimize caching and remove page titles. is another free service that lets users choose the proxy site they will use. then connects the user to that site. The advantage is that ensures that its listed sites are always live and working, minimizing hassle.