Proxy Servers Not Blocked by Schools

By Andrew Cross

Visiting inappropriate sites on school time could come with consequences.
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Schools typically block proxy servers so students, faculty and staff avoid visiting dangerous sites or those that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography. In many cases, information technology (IT) professionals will also block sites they may deem unsuitable for school, such as social networking sites. If your school has blocked a site in error and you wish to access it, you can do so through a proxy server if your school hasn't blocked that server as well.


Prox Fly, a site with 100 percent uptime, is based in the Netherlands, which means many Western schools can access it. Proxies located in other countries are often more difficult to detect and regulate, so students in the Netherlands may find it easier to use a different proxy server.


Hidden Surf Freely is a proxy server based in the United States. It is quick to access and has 100 percent uptime. Simply type in the URL of the website you wish to visit and click "Browse" to visit the site.


VTunnel is a well-known proxy site, which, in general, means it is effective. However, this status may also mean your educational institution has blocked it. Alternatives include BTunnel and ZTunnel.

Proxy Lists

Because proxy servers are repeatedly blocked and compromised, proxy lists exist on the Internet to provide users with quick access to a list of effective, working proxy servers. Such listing sites include Proxy4Free and ProxyServerList.