How to Protect My DVD From Being Copied

By Christine Kim

There are several third-party software programs you can download to copy-protect your DVDs.
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DVDs have become a popular way for people to save files and media content; they can store anywhere from 1.4GB to 17GB. This means that you can use DVDs to save important files, as they essentially act as backup discs. In order to protect your data from being copied, you can copy-protect your DVD with third-party software. The easiest way to do this is by encrypting your DVD data via a "pre-master" version.

Step 1

Download and install copy-protection software, such as Shareguard, Primera CrypKey or WebToolMaster.

Step 2

Launch the installed application on your computer.

Step 3

Place your blank DVD into the computer's CD/DVD optical drive.

Step 4

Prepare the DVD data "pre-master" by creating and naming a new folder for the DVD project. Copy only the files that will be saved onto your DVD into the new folder.

Step 5

Select all the files that will be transferred to the disk by right-clicking them, then selecting "Send To" and "Compressed (zipped) folder."

Step 6

Open the copy protection software application that you just downloaded.

Step 7

Add or select the executable file to the program's interface.

Step 8

Select the level of protection from the options menu. Most likely, you will be requested to create a key or passcode in order to open the data. Other programs may also give you the option of "Message error," which will be the message the user attempting to copy the data will receive during the copying process, or the "stealth" method, which just stops the DVD copying process with no warning.

Step 9

Click "OK" or "Secure Process" in order to begin the encryption process.

Step 10

Burn the encrypted executable file onto your DVD. The data is now copy-protected.