Pros of Driving & Cell Phone Use

by Baldwin Ellis

Cell phones have gotten a bad rap because of the increase of cell phone-related car accidents. But there are numerous pros that support use of cell phones while driving.


Cell phones allow users to call for immediate roadside assistance. In cases of serious car accidents where time is of the essence, cell phones allow for paramedics to be contacted immediately.


Cell phones allow users to call for directions when they cannot find their destinations. Furthermore, many cell phones have GPS technology that provide turn-by-turn directions to any destination and maps that provide real-time traffic information.


The majority of cell phones are equipped with cameras. Cameras allow drivers to take pictures of license plate numbers in the event of a hit and run. They also allow drivers to take pictures of a car accident to show to their insurance company.

Traffic Reports

Many local governments provide traffic updates for cell phone users. Drivers can call a designated number and receive up-to-the-minute updates on accidents, highway closings and an estimated trip time for their route.

Crime Reporting

Cell phones also allow users to immediately call the police to report suspicious actions they see while driving.


About the Author

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