Pros & Cons of Microsoft Office Professional

By Brittiany Cahoon

Microsoft Office Professional has some great new features, but can be hard to navigate.
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Microsoft Office Professional is software produced by Microsoft for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, desktop publishing projects and databases, as well as managing email. While previous versions of the suite included just Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, the Professional Suite includes extras such as Publisher, Access, Infopath and Sharepoint. Despite all these excellent programs, some cons still exist in the software.

Pro: Efficiency

With the addition of other programs into the Office Professional suite, your documents will be more organized than ever. PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel and Publisher all offer more templates than ever to help you stay organized and create presentations or documents that look professional and clean. Excel even offers a budget feature to help you keep track of your budget and total your expenses without the hassle of previous versions. Access offers business tracking models to keep tabs on any project you undertake in your personal business.

Con: Navigation

Office Professional 2010 is designed much like Office 2007, which proved challenging customers to navigate on the first run because Microsoft replaced the "File" menu that typically sat in the upper left corner with the Microsoft logo. Office Professional 2010 reinstated the "File" menu to eliminate confusion, but also uses the ribbon rather than the menu, so it takes time to learn which functions are in which group. Auto-formatting is another issue that can be frustrating. Rather than the typical Times New Roman and 12 point font, Office Professional manually sets documents to a different font and size.

Pro: Connectivity

Outlook helps you keep contacts with other email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail in order and connected to your account. You can quickly and easily email documents from Outlook 2010 to business clients, customers, friends and family. Office Professional 2010 also offers apps for the iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices. These allow you to continue your work even if you cannot be close to your home computer.

Con: Stability

According to PC Magazine, Office Professional 2010 experienced some crash runs during testing, which could raise questions as to its longevity and durability. Common keyboard shortcuts -- such as "Alt+F", which finds recent documents and allows you to open them more easily -- don't work without activating a shortcut in the program you have open. Though keyboard shortcuts may not seem very important, people who print and share documents often may want this feature to retrieve recently saved documents. While the Office 2010 interface offers several more features, some basic capability seems lacking.