The Pros & Cons of Flip Phones

By Missy Farage

Flip phones are durable, simple tools that may be the choice for you.
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With the emergence of new styles of phones, flip phones are quickly becoming relics of the past. Despite the showy touchscreen and sliding phones that are flooding the market, flip phones offer some basic advantages because of their simplicity in design. If you can't decide whether to purchase a flip phone or a touchscreen phone, there are some things to consider before making your choice.

Keypad Protection

If you're tired of constantly "pocket dialing" random contacts from your address book, you may be interested in changing to the retro flip phone. Unlike touchscreen and sliding phones, which always have keyboards or controls exposed and can sometimes bounce around in a pocket or purse at just the right angles to dial that friend you don't really talk to, flip phones physically fold to protect the keyboard from any unwanted use.

Screen Protection

If you have a new touchscreen phone, you might be a little bit paranoid that the screen will break if you drop it, or that it will scratch if it collides with something in your purse or pocket. The flip phone folds to cover the screen when it is not in use, giving the screen and keypad a durable shell that is less likely to be punctured or broken if dropped.


Because the flip phone is a style from the past, you can generally find them for at least 100 dollars less (at the time of publication) than the new generation of sliding or touchscreen phones. Most cell phone companies offer flip phones for free or little cost with the purchase of a plan. If you're looking for a way to save money, the flip phone is the choice for you.

Wear and Tear

The only potentially weak part of the flip phone is its hinge, which suffers wear and tear with heavy use. Unlike touchscreen phones, which have no physical moving parts, the flip phone's hinge can loosen or crack over time. If the phone is opened quickly or forcefully, the hinge can break, leaving you with the chore of replacing the phone.

Blast from the Past

Because flip phones are out of style at the time of publication, it is difficult to find a flip phone with all of the bells and whistles of new touchscreen phones. Although many flip phones are designed to surf the internet, the screens are often too small to clearly read. The keypad can also be difficult to use as a navigation tool. If you're looking for a phone that can surf the internet with ease, a larger touchscreen phone or phone with a full keyboard might be the better choice.