Proper Way to Charge Your iPhone

By Whitney Coy

Get a full charge before you unplug for longer battery life.
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Your iPhone is useless without a functioning battery. Fortunately, there is more than one way to charge your iPhone when the battery runs low. If your phone is in need of a charge, you have the option of plugging it into an outlet, a computer, or even your car. To avoid frequent needs to charge, make changes in the way you use your iPhone to extend its life. Routine maintenance and proper charging will not only extend the life of your battery, but also its lifespan.

Charge Through an Electrical Outlet

Charge your iPhone through any standard electrical outlet using the Dock Connector to USB Cable and USB power adapter that were included with your iPhone. Attach the USB power adapter to the USB end of your cable and the dock end of the cable to the dock connector on your iPhone. Plug it into the outlet and wait for the charge to be complete before unplugging it to get the longest life out of your battery. View the charge progress through the picture of the battery that appears on your screen when you wake it from sleep mode. Your iPhone can still be used when charging in this manner, although it causes the charge to progress more slowly than usual. Do not plug the adapter and cable into the outlet if the adapter or cable appears frayed or damaged.

Charge Through a Computer

Charge your phone through your Mac or PC computer using the Dock Connector to USB Cable that was included with your iPhone. Plug the USB end of the cable to a USB port on your computer and the dock end of the cable to the dock connector on your iPhone. Using this method, you are able to charge your iPhone while syncing or transferring files. Never attempt to charge your iPhone by plugging it into a computer that is low on power or in sleep mode. The computer may draw power from your iPhone and reduce the charge instead of adding to it.

Charge Through Your Car

Charge your iPhone on the go by plugging it into your car. Plug the dock connector end of an iPhone car charger to the dock connector on your iPhone and plug the other end of the charger into your car's cigarette lighter. You can still use your iPhone while it charges in this manner, although it causes the charge to progress more slowly than usual.

Maximize Battery Life

Leave more time between required charges by taking steps to maximize the life of your iPhone battery. Set the screen to appear as dim as you are able without creating the need to strain your eyes. Turn off all push notifications and do not set your email to fetch email automatically. Turn off your Wi-Fi when you aren't using it to keep your iPhone from using battery power while searching for a network. For the same reason, put your iPhone on Airplane Mode if you are in an area with low or no coverage. Your iPhone is constantly working to stay connected to the network, so relieve it from that action if there is no network to connect to. Update your iPhone frequently to ensure you have the newest updates available. Some updates include changes to help your phone maximize battery life.

Monthly Maintenance

At least one time each month, allow your iPhone to run the battery completely dead and then charge it back up to 100 percent battery life. This action keeps the electrons in your battery moving properly and helps extend the lifespan of your battery.