How to Promote Your Twitter Account

by Jack Gerard

Twitter is used to promote businesses and websites with varying degrees of success. For promotion via Twitter to be successful, the Twitter account being used must have followers who are interested in the business or website being promoted. Promoting the Twitter account itself is the first step toward using Twitter as a promotional tool, as it helps your tweets to find those who are interested in them and exposes your account to individuals who might otherwise never encounter it.


Choose a Twitter account name that is relevant and easy to find. If you intend to promote a business with the account, use the name of the business or a related account name. If you are promoting a website or yourself, use a name related to the website or yourself. This helps those who might be looking for an official Twitter account for your business or website to find the account.


Post links to your Twitter account in locations where people will find them. Link to the account from Facebook and other social media sites, and place a Twitter feed or button on your website. Link to the account from your blog or online journal as well.


Improve your Twitter account's search engine rankings. Check the account's RSS feed and click on individual tweets; you will be taken to a static page containing only that tweet. Post links to these static pages on blogs and social media sites to create additional links for search engines to follow to your Twitter account, improving your overall search rankings.


Follow other Twitter accounts. Choose accounts of people with similar interests or businesses in a similar field to follow, and follow some of the accounts that they follow as well. Following a number of different Twitter accounts can lead to many of the accounts you follow to follow your account in return.


Comment, interact and retweet. This will build your followers and keep them interested in following your account. Don't use the account only for posting promotional information; a large part of social networking is being social, so be active with your Twitter account and interact with other accounts so that others will want to interact with you as well.


Be careful with what you say, both when interacting with other accounts and presenting promotional information for your business or website. Choose your words carefully so that you don't offend others, make yourself or your company look incompetent, or press the promotional angle too strongly. You want to create an image of being friendly and personable, even when posting links for promotional purposes. Re-read all your tweets and responses before you post them to make sure that you're getting across the exact message you want.


  • check When setting up a Twitter account, chose an avatar that's fitting for your promotional purposes. Use a company logo, image related to your website, or tasteful photograph, depending on what you are promoting with the account.

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