The Best Programs to Speed Up a PC

by Abraham Hovey

There are a variety of reasons for a PC to begin slowing down. Over time, downloading, installing and removing different programs will fragment the files on your drive, causing the system to work harder to find the files. Your PC also will run slowly if there are a number of applications running in the background, making the processor work overtime to compensate for programs you aren't even using. Fortunately, there are a few applications that come with WIndows to help speed up your PC. These programs will work in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Disk Defragmenter

You can find this program by going to "Start," selecting "All Programs," then "Accessories," and then "System Tools." Click on "Disk Defragmenter." This program locates the pieces of scattered files and puts them together, taking less time to load up applications in the future. This program should be run at least once a month to keep your PC running at optimal speed.


Click on the start menu and open "Run," then type "msconfig" in the box and hit enter. This program allows you to add and remove startup programs. Click on the tab called "Startup" and unckeck any programs you don't want to launch upon system startup. Many applications you install will add startup programs without telling you, causing the computer to take longer to boot up and leaving processes you're not using to run in the background, consuming needed resources. If you're not sure about what a process is used for, you can type the name of it into a search engine and determine if you need it running. Be careful what you uncheck; there are some startup processes that are essential.

Disk Cleanup

The Disk Cleanup program can be found by right-clicking on your disk drive in My Computer, selecting "Properties" and then "Disk Cleanup." This utility allows you to clear up space from unused programs, temporary files and your Internet browser's cache.

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