Programming Instructions for the Genie GICT390

by Darrin Meyer
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The Genie GICT390 is a programmable transmitter designed to operate the company's automatic garage door openers. Small enough to fit on your key ring, it is available in one- and three-button versions for controlling one to three separate Genie Intellicode-capable openers manufactured in 1997 or later. Programming the GICT390 to your device can be done in moments, provided you are standing within range of the unit (150 feet or less).

Step 1

Locate and press the "Learn Code" button next to the radio signal indicator on the power head receiver of the door opener. The indicator will begin blinking twice per second.

Step 2

Press the button on the GICT390 transmitter once within thirty seconds (or press any one of the buttons, for the three-button model). The radio signal indicator will stay solidly lit.

Press the same button again, also within thirty seconds. The radio signal indicator will go out and the transmitter is programmed to the door opener. If more than thirty seconds passes, or if you press a different button, the indicator will blink rapidly and the process will be halted. Repeat the process if this occurs.


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