How to Program a Valet Alarm Remote

By Robert Ceville

Programming a valet remote only  takes a couple of minutes.
i car key and remote control isolated image by Nikolay Okhitin from

It is possible to program your valet alarm remote control without having to take it back to the installation technician that first put the system in your car. You will have to have a push-button remote plugged into the main transceiver's "Blue Pin2 Port" in order to access the system's "Learn Routine" for programming. You will also need to have your car key accessible, because programming requires placing the ignition into various positions. You can program your valet alarm remote in five minutes or less.

Open one of your vehicle's doors and turn the ignition, using the car key, to the "Run" position. Check to see that the dome light comes on. Make sure that you have the dome light set to the position where it powers the light when the door is opened, as there are usually three settings: one for "On," one for "Off" and one for when a door is opened.

Press the valet remote push-button to access the channel that you want to program: once for "Arm/disarm," twice for "Trunk Release" and three times for "Remote Start." The valet push-button is usually located under the driver's side panel, and it must be pressed within 15 seconds of opening the door. The push-button may also be installed underneath the kick panel.

Press the valet push button once again and wait to hear a chirping or a honking sound. If you do not hear either of these sounds, your vehicle might have a jumper installed that has turned the valet programming feature off. Refer to your vehicle's instructional manual to learn how to set the valet programming feature to the "On" position. Keep holding the valet button pressed as you continue onto the next step.

Push the button on the remote that you wish to assign to a particular valet channel.
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Press the button on the hand-held valet remote that you wish to assign to a particular valet channel. If you wish to program multiple remotes, repeat this step for each of them. If you program four or more remotes, the old programming will be erased.

Let go of the valet push-button and exit your vehicle. Your handheld remote is now ready to use.