How to Program a Uniden Bearcat Scanner BC 140

by Pamela Gardapee

Programming a Uniden Bearcat Scanner BC 140 is easy. These scanners are made to be user-friendly. You can enter as many frequencies as you have channels for on the scanner. You do not have to program the weather channel, because there is a button that says ".WX," which allows you to go to your local weather station instantly. Follow these steps, and your scanner will be programmed within 10 minutes.

Step 1

Get a list of frequencies. Your local Radio Shack can provide one for free.

Step 2

Press "Manual" to stop the scanner from scanning. Use the keyboard to choose the channel you want to enter your first frequency into. If you want channel 2, press the number 2 on the keyboard and then "Manual" again. If you want channel 12, press the 1 and then the 2 and then "Manual" again.

Step 3

Enter the number frequency from your frequency list. For instance, if the frequency is 555.789, enter 5, 5, 5 and then the dot button, then 7, 8 and 9. Then press "Enter" to complete the setup.

Step 4

Use the "Manual" button to move to the next channel to enter the next frequency. Continue this process until you have all frequencies entered.

Step 5

Complete your entries and then press "Scan." Set the squelch by turning the "Squelch" button all the way up and backing off until you hear no static.

Lock out a channel that is annoying you by pressing the "Lockout" button. If you want to listen to the channel again, simply select "Manual," find the channel by entering it on the keypad and then hit "Lockout" again.


  • If the scanner loses power, your channels will be saved in the memory for 7 days.


  • Program police and fire for your city as well as state patrol and county police. The scanner should have a distance of up to 30 miles with the antenna on the backside. You may want to lock out the weather channel if it keeps stopping on that channel.

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