How to Program a Universal TV Remote when You Don't Have the Instructions

By Chad Buleen

A universal remote can search for the code it needs to sync to your TV.
i remote image by Albert Lozano from

When you don't have the instructions for programming a universal remote control, you don't have the list of manufacturers and codes you could use to find the code needed to sync the remote with your TV or DVD player. The good news is that universal remotes can search for the code that works, and then sync itself to the other device. Programming the remote by this process just takes a little longer than it would if you had the code. You also may be able to go online and get the code you need.

Press the "Power" button on the TV or DVD player you want to sync with the universal remote.

Push and hold the "LED" button on the remote until the button lights up and stays lit.

Push the "TV" button if you are programming the remote to your TV or "DVD" if you are programming the remote to the DVD player. The "LED" light will blink once, then stay lit again.

Point the remote toward your TV or DVD player and press the "Power" button on your remote, holding it down until the TV or DVD player turns off. Do not press "Power" again after the device turns off.

Press the "Enter" button on your remote. The LED light will no longer stay lit. Your remote control is now programmed for use with the device.