How to Program a T-Mobile Cell Phone

by Charmiane Wilson

T-Mobile sells more than 40 varieties of cellphones. A lost user's manual, accidental reset or purchase of a used phone without instructions can leave owners of these phones at a loss for how to program them. Luckily, a source for T-Mobile phone support exists.

Log on to T-Mobile's customer website.

Choose "Phones and Devices" under the tab entitled "Support" This will take you to a page with all of the phones currently offered and operated by T-Mobile.

Select your phone from the list of phones.

Click on the "User Manual" option that appears under the picture of your phone. This will open a browser window containing an Adobe Acrobat version of your phone's manual.

Search the user manual's table of contents for the specific programming function you seek.


  • check Other resources that can assist in programming your T-mobile phone are on the same T-Mobile website page as the user's manual. These links include: Interactive Device Demo, Videos, Common Procedures, Services, Update Software (only available for select phones) and User Forums. All of these resources can assist you in the various phone programming issues you may encounter during the length of time you have your phone.

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