How to Program a Systemlink 3 Universal Remote

by Contributor

Programming is one of the most common problems with universal remotes. Whether the manual has been lost or the remote is complicated to use, there can seem to be no easy way to set up these remotes. Even with code searches such as the Systemlink 3 uses, the task never goes quite as planned. Although this may not completely alleviate the headache of programming a remote, the Systemlink 3 is as easy as any remote to program.

Turn on your television to start. Hold down the "code search" button on the remote until the indicator light turns on.

Press the "TV" button. The light will blink and then stay lit.

Enter the three digit code for your brand of television. If you do not have the list of codes, you can find them online or you can continue reading and use a manual search. If the television turns off, turn the television back on and make sure the other functions of the remote are working.

If the television does not turn off or some functions do not work on the remote, repeat the step 3 again. Use a different three digit code for your brand. Continue repeating this until the remote works with your television or you have exhausted all codes.

Press the "on/off" button. Press the button repeatedly until your television turns off. Once the television turns off with the remote, press "enter" on the remote to lock in the code.

Use the same steps to program the "cable" and "VCR" options. Substitute the appropriate device for television in the previous instructions.


  • check You may have to press the power button a couple of times in manual programming mode. While your remote may be programmed to turn the television on and off, make sure to test other functions and make sure the remote controls them. If you have tried all codes for your brand and none worked or you don't know what code to use, hold the code search button until the light turns on. Press the TV button and the light should blink and then stay lit.

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