How To Program Sharp Aquos Remotes

by David Lipscomb
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Sharp offers multiple types of remote controls, supplied with televisions, Blu-ray players and other devices. Universal models allow you to enter device codes from the back of the remote's manual for each device including play, record and volume functions. Placing all devices in one remote prevents needless remote control juggling as you operate your system. Although these remotes are limited to the supplied commands, the process is straightforward and places command of your home theater into one unit.

Step 1

Find the code for the device(s) you wish to program into the Sharp remote, located in the "Presetting Remote Control Functions" or similarly named header.

Step 2

Manually turn on the device you want to program into the Sharp remote.

Step 3

Press the device button and "Display" simultaneously. Continue pressing until the indicator light begins to flash.

Step 4

Press the numerical keys to enter the code for the device you wish to program. For example, a Sharp branded VCR uses codes 01, 02 or 03, depending on the model.

Wait for the indicator light to turn off after you finish entering the code. Press the "Power" button to test the code. If the code you entered is incorrect, repeat the steps progressively using the next code in the list.


  • You may find that different Sharp remotes vary slightly from model to model. Always check your specific owner's manual if there are difficulties programming.


  • Pioneer Elite and Sharp Aquos gear often share remote codes. If you use both in your system, try the pre-programmed codes prior to going through the configuration process.


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