How to Program Remotes

by J. Anthony Cooley

It can be particularly bothersome to change television channels without a remote control because you need stand directly in front of the TV while changing the channel buttons. You can conveniently control your television with a remote control if you program your remote to work with your specific TV model.

Turn on the TV that you want to control with the remote. This will ensure the TV is ready to synchronize with the remote control during the programming process.

Press and hold the "Code Search" and "Setup" buttons on the remote control. Release the buttons when the indicator light lights up. Press the "TV" button so the remote can prepare to sync with your TV.

Find the programming code by going to the Jasco Products website and looking up your TV model. Enter the programing code by punching it into the number pad on the remote control. When the code is successfully entered, the indicator light will turn off.

Point the remote at the TV and press the "Power" button. The TV will turn off if you have entered the correct code. If the TV does not turn off, repeat the process using a different code on the list. Keep doing this until you find a code that works.

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