How to Program a DirecTV Remote to Work With an Element TV

By Maya Walker

A DirecTV remote can also be used to control other equipment, such as a DVD player.
i DVD control panel with a STOP sign image by Peter Ivanov from

DirecTV provides services to millions of subscribers in the United States and Latin America. The company offers various packages ranging from basic programming to sports. The remote control you use with your DirecTV satellite receiver can be used to control other equipment, such as an Element TV. Programming your remote to control your Element TV helps to eliminate the need for an extra remote. After programming, you will be able to control your TV's volume and channels with the DirecTV remote.

Move the "Mode Switch" to TV on your DirecTV remote. The switch is located at the top of the remote.

Press and hold the "Mute" and "Select" buttons until the remote's LED light blinks twice. Release the buttons.

Enter the five-digit code for the Element TV. According to DirecTV, the most popular code for an Element TV is 10178.

Press the "Volume Up" button on your remote. The volume should be increased on your TV. Move the "Mode Switch" back to the satellite.