How to Program a Comcast Cable Remote to My Trutech 15-Inch TV

By Chris Waller

You can program a Comcast Cable remote to your Trutech 15-inch TV.
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The Comcast Cable company offers television, Internet and phone service to customers across the United States. Comcast Cable service provides many channels including high-definition programming to your home through a cable box that will come with a universal remote that can be programmed to operate your television, DVD player and audio equipment connected to your home entertainment system. If you own a Trutech 15-inch television, the Comcast Cable system can search for a programming code that will connect the remote to the TV, giving you the ability to control the entire system from a distance.

Step 1

Power on your Trutech TV using the original remote that came with the television or -- if you do not have the remote -- the "Power" button that is located on the front panel of the device. Keep other electronic devices you may have connected to the system off during this time to prevent interference during the programming process. Before beginning, insert fresh AA batteries into the Comcast Cable remote to prevent power loss while you are programming.

Step 2

Push the "TV" input button located at the top of the Comcast Cable remote. Hold the "Setup" button on the remote until the "TV" light flashes two times. You are now in programming mode. You will have 30 seconds to begin the process. If you do not, you will have to hold the "Setup" button to begin again.

Step 3

Use the number pad in the center of the Comcast Cable remote to enter in the code "991." The "TV" input button will flash twice. This is a universal code that will begin the code search process for your Trutech TV.

Step 4

Push the "1" button without holding it down to indicate you are searching for a TV code. The "TV" button will flash twice again. Aim the Comcast Cable remote at the Trutech TV and push the "Power" button. Push the "Ch +" button. If the Trutech TV does not turn off, press it again. Keep pushing this button with a short pause between each press until the Trutech TV turns off.

Step 5

Press the "Setup" button to save the working code. The "TV" input button will flash twice once again to indicate that the code was saved properly.