How to Program a Remote for a Philips Blu-ray DVD

By Matthew Fortuna

DVD player remotes can be programmed in seconds.
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Blu-rays represent a higher technology than normal digital videos, just as DVDs were a step above video cassettes. Philips is among the many manufacturers that offers a Blu-ray DVD player. It uses remote controls similar to other players or VCRs. You can program your Philips Blu-ray remote in just seconds for your DVD player.

Turn on your Blu-ray player manually and point your remote control at the player.

Press and hold the "Code Search" button on your remote and wait for the LED light on the remote to turn on. Release the button.

Press and release the "DVD" button on your remote and wait for the LED light to blink once.

Enter the three-digit code for your Blu-ray model (which can be found in your remote or player manual).

Wait for the LED light to turn off and press and release the channel up button. Press and release this button repeatedly until the device responds. At this point, the programming will be complete.