How to Program Remote Controls

By Matthew Fortuna

Many remote controls, usually known as universal remotes, must be programmed before they can be used with your entertainment devices. These remotes are compatible with televisions, stereos, DVD players, VCRs and cable boxes, eliminating the need for separate controls.

Check to make sure your remote contains fresh batteries. Turn on the device you wish to program with the remote.

Locate the programming button on your remote. This button will often be labeled either "Setup" or "Code Search." Hold this button until the red light on your remote turns from off to on.

Press the button on your remote control that corresponds with the electronic device that you are programming. The buttons will be labeled "TV," "VCR," Stereo" or something similar.

Search the device codes (linked below or found in your instruction manual) and use your keypad to enter the code for your corresponding device.

Press the power button on your remote to turn your device on or off. Continue pressing until the device responds, and your remote will be programmed.