How to Program a DIRECTV Remote Control to a Sharp TV

By Pamela Gardapee

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The DirecTV remote control must be programmed with the correct codes in the correct way, in order for it to work with the satellite receiver and any components that you want to control with the remote, including your Sharp TV. Although the process only takes a short time to complete, if you don’t use the correct setup method, the remote will not accept the code.

Step 1

Turn the Sharp TV on using the power button on the TV. Read steps 2 through 5 carefully before beginning the setup. The codes for the Sharp TV are 10093, 10689, 10688, 10851 and 10818. Keep these codes handy when you are ready to start.

Step 2

Move the switch on the remote control to the "TV" position. The slider is at the top of the remote. The options on the slide are the icon for "DirecTV satellite receiver," "AV1," "AV2" and "TV."

Step 3

Press the “Select” and “Mute” buttons at the same time until the light under the TV option on the slider flashes green twice. Release the “Select” and “Mute” buttons.

Step 4

Enter one of the five-digit codes using the number keypad, starting with the first one, 10093. If you entered the code correctly, a green light will flash twice under TV option on the slider.

Step 5

Point the remote at the Sharp TV and press the power button. If the TV turns off and back on, you have entered the correct code. If the power button does not turn the TV off, follow the directions in step 6.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 through 5. Replace the code in step 4 with the next code in step 1. Continue repeating steps 2 to 5 until one of the codes turns the TV off and on.