How to Program the Samsung Remote to Control the Cable Box

By J. Anthony Cooley

Program the Samsung Remote to Control the Cable Box
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Programming your Samsung remote to your cable box enables you to switch from controlling your TV to controlling your cable box with the press of a single button. Doing this frees up space as you only need your Samsung remote instead of having a small remote collection on your coffee table.

Turn off your cable box. Press the "Cable" button on your remote so that the remote knows to sync with a cable box. If your remote does not have a dedicated cable button, press the "Mode" button on the remote.

Press the "Set" button on the remote. This prepares the remote to accept the programming code. On some Samsung remotes, the "Set" button is tiny and indented, so you will need a paper clip or other pointy-tipped object to press the "Set" button.

Locate the remote code for your cable box by going to the TV Codes website. Enter the code into the remote through the number pad. Point the remote at the cable box and press the "Power" button, this should turn on the cable box. If the cable box does not turn on, repeat the process using a different code. Continue to do so until you find a code that works. (See Resources)