How to Program a Remote for a Comcast Cable Box

By Andrew Todd

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

All Comcast cable boxes include a remote control when they are rented from Comcast. By default, the remote control is programed to work with the cable box, an RCA television and an RCA VCR. If you have a TV, VCR or DVD player that is made by a company other than RCA, you can reprogram the remote to control the basic functions of your devices.

Step 1

Turn on the device that you would like to program to the remote.

Step 2

Press the device button on the remote (for example, "TV"), then hold down the "Setup" button until the device button flashes twice.

Step 3

Press "9" "9" "1" to begin the search process. The device button will once again blink twice.

Step 4

Point the remote in the direction of the device that you would like to configure, then slowly alternate, pressing the device button and the power button on the remote. Continue alternating until the device turns off.

Step 5

Press the "Setup" button once again as soon as the device turns off to save the code to the remote. The remote is now programed to this device. Repeat this process for the remaining devices that you would like to program.