How to Program an RCA Universal Remote for Satellite TV (3 Steps)

By Patrick Nelson

If you know the manufacturer of the satellite box attached to the dish, you can find the code.
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Some universal remotes are manufactured under the RCA brand, and can be programmed with codes for auxiliary equipment like cable boxes, DVD players and satellite systems. The RCA universal remote can be programmed with known codes directly. You also can program it using a brand search through known codes for select brands of devices, program it automatically by searching through all the codes for the device or program it by manually going through the codes. If you know the manufacturer of the satellite box, you can find the code and program the remote.

Step 1

Look up the possible codes for the remote control and satellite box by choosing the RCA remote control model number in the "Model" drop-down on the company's web page listed in the Resources section below. Then choose the product type: "Satellite Receiver" or "Satellite PVR Combo" from the "Product Type" drop-down. Write down the code from the resulting web page. For example, if your RCA remote is Model RCR812N, and you want to program a satellite receiver distributed by Dish Network System, write down "50775" which is the number next to the "Dish Network System" in the search results.

Step 2

Turn on the satellite receiver and press and hold the "Sat" button. The "On/Off" button will light up. Then press and hold the "On/Off" button keeping the "Sat" button pressed in, and the "On/Off button light will turn off. Keep the buttons pressed in for three seconds and the light will turn back on.

Step 3

Enter the code with the number buttons. For example, enter "50775." The "On/Off" button will flash once. Then press and release the "On/Off" button repeatedly until the satellite receiver turns off. The remote will search through the possible codes for your brand of satellite receiver. When the satellite receiver turns off, you have found the correct code. Save it by pressing "Stop."