How to Program a RCA Remote

By Patrick Nelson

RCA's universal remote control is preprogrammed with code 000 for the "TV" button, the "VCR" button and the "Cable" button. The "AUX" button is programmed with code 037, which is for VCRs. First check to see if the preprogrammed codes work with the devices you have. If not, you can either program the remote with known codes from a list or perform a code search.

Turn on the device to be programmed.

Look up the code for your device on the RCA Universal Remote website. See the Resources section below.

Press and hold the "Code Search" button on the remote.

Press and release the button corresponding to the device you'd like to set up. For example, the "TV" or "VCR" button.

Enter the three-digit code you located on the RCA Universal Remote website.

Release the "Code Search" button.

Press a button on the remote like "Channel Down," for example, and see if the device is functioning properly. If it is, no further action is needed. If it isn't, you should perform a code search.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 and then press the "Power" button repeatedly until the device turns off. When the device turns off press and release "Enter."

Test the remote. If it still doesn't work repeat the code-search steps until it does.