How to Program a Polaroid Remote TV

By Chris Waller

Polaroid, known for its camera equipment, also makes other electronic equipment, including a line of LCD televisions that can be connected to the entertainment system in your home. These LCD televisions come with a remote that not only controls the television, but can also be programmed to operate most of the devices you may have connected to it. Control your entire system with one remote by entering in programming codes for each device.

Turn off the device you are attempting to program with the Polaroid universal remote by pressing the "Power" button on the original remote or on the control panel on the face of the device. Keep other devices turned off while you program this one.

Use the operations guide that came with your Polaroid television to find the tables of five-digit programming codes. The codes for your device will be listed by the type of equipment and the manufacturer of the device. When you have found your codes, make note of all of the codes that appear, as you may need to use more than one before you find a working code.

Press the input button at the top of the remote that corresponds to the type of device you are programming. If it is a sound system, use the "AUX" button. The power indicator will blink one time.

Push the "Set" button and hold it down until you see the power indicator blink three times. Use the number buttons in the middle of the remote to enter in the first five-digit code on the list for your device. The indicator light will blink with each press and will blink twice after the last number to confirm the code was entered correctly.

Press "Power" on the remote. If the device turns on, press other buttons on the remote to test their functions. If the remote controls the device fully, you are finished. If not, repeat the programming process with a new code until you discover one that works from the list.