How to Program a Phillips Cl019 Universal Remote

By Andrew Smith

A Philips CL 019 universal remote can control up to four different electronic devices at once, which is extremely convenient if you have a television, cable box, VCR and DVD player all in one room. You can program the CL 019 over and over again to work with different TVs or other home electronics, meaning you will not need to acquire a different remote control if you decide to buy new devices. As with other Philips remotes, this universal remote can be programmed utilizing the "Code Search" key.

Turn on the device you want to link to the remote; for example, your television.

Hold down the "Cold Search" button on the CL 019 universal remote. Release this button only after the red light on the remote turns on and remains on.

Point the CL 019 remote at the device you want to link it to; for our example, point it at your television.

Press "Channel Up" for a television, or "Play" for a VCR, DVD player or other electronic device that has no channels. Press the button repeatedly while pointing the remote at the device you want it linked to. This will cause the remote to search its database for the device's manufacturing code so the two can be linked. The device will either shut down or change channel once the remote finds the correct code. You may have to press the button 300 times before the device responds.

Press "Mute" immediately after the device in step 1 turns off. The code is now installed in the CL 019 remote.