How to Program a Panasonic Remote Control

By Meaghan Ellis

You can program your Panasonic remote control.
i remote image by Albert Lozano from

The Panasonic universal remote control allows you to operate and control many of your electronic devices, but first you have to program it with each individual device.

Step 1

Turn off the electronic device you plan to operate with the remote control. Locate the "Action" and "Power" buttons on your keypad. The buttons are both gray. The "Power" button should be located in the upper-left corner of your remote. The "Action" button should be located in the center of the remote on the right side.

Step 2

Press and hold down both the "Power" and "Action" buttons simultaneously for approximately 3-10 seconds. Locate your device buttons, which should be the top square of buttons on the right side of your remote control. Press the component button that describes the device you desire to program.

Step 3

Key the manufacturer code into your remote's keypad if you have immediate access to the code. Enter the three-digit manufacturer code with the channel keypad on the remote. If your entry was entered correctly, the device will power on. If this method is unsuccessful, you also have the option of locating the manufacturer code manually.

Step 4

Conduct the "Code Search" process if you do not know or have access to your manufacturer code. This process will allow you to scroll through the codes that are preloaded into the remote control's components. Locate the "Volume" buttons, which should be in the shape of arrows. Press the right arrow to move forward through each code, and press the left arrow if you choose to review a previous component code.

Step 5

When you have completed the code generation process, press the "Power" button to test the electronic device. When the screen turns on, this will be your indication that the programming process was successful.