How to Program a Motorola Radius CP100

by Ben David

The Motorola Radius CP100 portable two-way radio is designed for use with other two-way radios operating on the same frequencies. This portable two-way radio has built-in microcomputer technology to allow for the swift changing of operating frequencies. The Radius CP100 has two function buttons ("" and "*") that can be programmed with commonly-used frequency stations. The process of programming a Motorola Radius CP100 is fairly straightforward.

Press the "Menu" button in the center of the panel keypad until you see the "Talking" icon appear on the display screen; then press the "Up/Down" arrow buttons to scroll through the onscreen options to select the "VOX" (voice operated relay) setting. This will adjust the signal sensitivity setting to "Level 1," Level 2" or "Level 3." These levels signify "low," "medium" and "high" sensitivity, respectively.

Press the "Z" button to scan for a channel. The CP100 radio will scan through signals and stop at the next available frequency once you press the "Z" button again.

Press and hold the "PTT" button and the "Z" buttons together for three seconds or until you hear a beep. The "Prog" option will appear on the display screen; then press the "*" or "**" button to program the current frequency to one of either of those buttons.

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