How to Program a Motorola HT1000 Radio

By Andrew Latham

Motorola HT1000 radios were used by police and other emergency response workers.
i Airport police image by JASON WINTER from

The Motorola HT1000 radio was a popular two-way radio with police, firefighter and EMS personnel because it is rugged, small, easy to carry, has excellent voice intelligibility and is affordable. Although no longer in production, these radios are still popular today. It offers Motorola's widest band range: 136 to 174 Megahertz on full band VHF mode. The HT1000 can also scan all its operating channels and can provide a broad range of signaling options. A problem for would-be users of the HT1000 is that proprietary Motorola software is required to program it.

Request Motorola radio service software, also known as RSS, from Motorola's business online site. You will have to register and agree to their terms of use contract.

Power up your computer and go into DOS mode. You can use a DOS boot disk or restart your computer in Windows DOS. If you don't work in DOS, you could end up corrupting the software controlling your HT1000.

Switch your Motorola HT1000 off. Attach your RIB cable to your HT1000 and to your computer's serial port. Power up your Motorola HT1000 radio.

Open the directory where you copied the RSS, and start up the HT1000 file. Press enter to get past the first splash screen. Before programming your HT1000, make a backup of your current configuration by pressing F3 then F2 in the Get-Save-Clone menu, and finally F7 to save the configuration to your computer.

Exit the Get-Save-Clone menu of the RSS by pressing F10. From the software's main menu press F4 to reach the Change/View Radio Codeplug Data menu. You can use this menu to reprogram every aspect of your Motorola HT1000. Return to the Get-Save-Clone menu and press F7 to save the data your programmed.

Return to the main menu and press F8 to go to the Program Data Into Radio menu. Press F8 again to proceed with the data writing to your radio. Once the RSS finishes copying the data, power down your radio and disconnect the RIB cable.