How to Program Radio Shack Model 2096 Police Scanner

By Shelby Winchell

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

The PRO-2096 Radio Shack scanner can pick up a variety of frequencies so you can hear what's being said by other drivers on the road on the radio network. This scanner can be mounted in your vehicle in a place that's easy to access. Once it's programmed, you can change the frequency channels that are programmed into your mobile trunking scanner.

Step 1

Turn on your scanner and press the "PROG" button.

Step 2

Scroll through the different channels. Once you find a channel you would like to program, press the "PROG" button.

Step 3

Press any number key along with the "./DELAY" button to enter the frequency you want to store.

Step 4

Press the "ENT" button to store the frequency.

Step 5

Press the "PROG" button again to move to the next channel you want to program. Repeat steps 1 through 4 above to save those channels.