How to Program Easy Access Keys on HP 5189 Keyboard

By Steven Symes

Program Easy Access Keys on HP 5189 Keyboard
i Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

The HP Pavilion 5189 uses "hot" keys on the keyboard, which enable you to launch applications or perform other functions by simply pressing one of the keys, rather than navigating through menus or performing other multi-step processes. You cannot reprogram the keys on the laptop's embedded keyboard, but you can reprogram the easy access keys on an HP USB keyboard, which you plug into the computer. Changing the settings takes only a few moments and can help to increase your productivity or make using your computer easier.

Turn on the computer and boot up the operating system. Plug the external keyboard into one of the USB slots.

Click on the "Start" or Windows button and select "Control Panel" from the menu. Click on "Printers and Other Hardware" and then click on "Quick Launch Buttons."

Select the tab labeled "Advanced." Enable the "Settings" tab the next time you launch the window by selecting "Allow Users to Modify Button Assignments."

Click on the "Ok" button, closing the window. Click on "Quick Launch Buttons" to launch the window again, then select the "Settings" tab.

Change the settings for easy access keys by selecting a different option in the pull-down menu next to the label for each key. When you are done changing the settings, click on "Ok" to close the window.