How to Program an iPad

by Stephen Lilley

An Apple iPad can be programmed the same way Apple's iPod or iPhone devices are--using iTunes management software. iTunes syncs content between your computer and the device, allowing you to watch your favorite video clips, listen to your favorite songs or use your favorite applications on the iPad while you are away from your main computer.


Connect your Apple iPad to your computer using the included white USB data transfer cable. This will cause iTunes to open on your computer automatically.


Click "File" and "Add File to Library." Use this window to add any content you want to program to your iPad from your iTunes library. You can add music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, eBooks or applications by clicking on them in this window.


Click your iPad's name under "Devices" in iTunes.


Click "Sync" to transfer all of the programming content you added to your iTunes library to your iPad. When the sync is complete, all of that content will be accessible through the icons on the iPad's main menu system.


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