How to Program an Insignia Remote Press Set

By Mandy Slake

Insignia universal remote controls can be programmed to work with devices from hundreds of manufacturers. To control the device you must go through a programming sequence. Enter the codes manually, or let the remote cycle through the different codes. Once the universal remote finds the correct code, simply confirm the settings.

Auto Find Settings

Turn on the device you are going to be using with the Insignia remote.

Hold down the "Set" key on the remote, then press and release the key for that type of device. The indicator lights on the remote should come on.

Release and press the "Set" key again, and the lights will begin to flash.

Press the "Power" key repeatedly until the device powers off. Alternatively, hold down the key continuously. Press the "Set" key, then press power to scroll back if you accidentally go past the correct setting.

Press the device key to confirm the setting.

Manual Settings

Locate the device code for the manufacturer of the device you want to control with the remote.

Turn on the device, then press and hold the "Set" key, and press the key named after the type of device.

Release the keys when the indicator light for the type of device turns on.

Type the three-digit manufacturer code, then press the device key. The light will flash, then turn off.

Test the settings by pressing the "Power" button. If the device turns off, the code is correct. If not, try another code.