How to Program a Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote

By Solomon Poretsky

The Innovage Jumbo can replace up to five remotes.
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The Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote is big. Really big. Designed for use by people who have vision or motor control problems, this remote control has an array of basic control functions for five devices--a TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box, and satellite receiver.

Turn on the component that you want to program into the remote control. Note the name of its manufacturer and look up the code or codes for that manufacturer's devices in the list included with the remote.

Hold down the code-search button in the upper-left corner of the remote control for at least three seconds or until the red indicator light on the remote lights.

Press the button on the remote for the device that you would like to program. The indicator light should blink once then return to being lighted.

Use the remote's numeric keypad to enter the three-digit number for your device. If your device's code is 373, you would press the 3 key, the 7 key, then the 3 key again, one after the other. The indicator will blink when you press the first two keys, then will turn off after you enter the last key. If instead it flashes a few times, you will need to enter a different code.

Point the remote at the component, and press the "On/Off" key. If your component turns off, you know that you have selected the right code. If it does not, repeat this process with a different code.