How to Program a DVR Remote Control to a TV

by Kecia Hambrick

Having multiple entertainment devices is beneficial, but the number of remote controls you need for them can be annoying. Some people find it hard to keep up with one remote, let alone four. Thankfully, DVR remotes can be programmed to control most televisions. This makes for one less remote in the room.


Visit the website of the DVR manufacturer or the cable/satellite provider from which you bought the DVR.


Locate the "Help" section. Here you should find an article on programming your DVR remote to control your TV.


Find the programming code for your brand of TV. This should be a 3- to 5-digit code, depending on the kind of DVR you own. You may be supplied with multiple codes. If so, begin with the first code and move to the others until the programming is successful.


Press and hold the "TV" button on your DVR remote. The light in the button should blink two or three times. This is the signal that the remote is ready for the TV code you found on the website.


Input the code and press the "TV" button again. The button will flash a few more times to confirm it received the code.


Test the DVR remote by attempting to control the TV with it. Press the "TV" button to place the control in the correct mode, and then press "Power." If the TV shuts off, your DVR remote has been programmed successfully. If not, try using another code given for your brand.

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