How to Program a DVR Effectively

by Contributor

It’s nice to be able to record all of your favorite shows and not have to worry about it each week. That’s exactly what a DVR or PVR does for you. However, if you don’t program your digital or personal video recorder properly you can end up missing television shows that you want to watch, and that defeats the purpose of having a DVR in the first place. Here are some ideas to make sure that you never miss another program.

Use a television guide or the cable guide to find the shows you want to watch for the week. Be sure to make note of the times and channels of each show.

Some DVRs allow you to record two shows at once; others allow you to record one show while watching another. You’ll know which type of DVR you have once you try to record two shows, because you will get an error message if it can't be done.

Turn on the television and DVR and go to the guide. Use the keys on your remote to browse through the guide until you come to the day and time of the show you want to record. You can choose by title, theme and day of the week.

Once you find your show, click the record button. This will bring up a screen where you can choose between recording a show once or recording all shows in a series.

Pick the number of times you want to record the show and save. Once you save, the DVR will ask you how long you’d like to save the show.

Always save when you’re done. You can check to make sure your show is going to record by choosing the recordings function on your DVR and pressing the button to take you to the list of scheduled recordings. This will display each show that is set to be recorded.


  • check Always double-check your scheduled recordings.

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