How to Program a Dish Network DVR Remote to a New Receiver

By Alice Godfrey

Program a TV Input on a DirecTV Remote
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A Dish Network digital video recorder (DVR) is controlled by a specialized remote that is provided with it. The Dish Network remote uses a code that allows it to sync with the DVR so that its commands are recognized and obeyed. You can reprogram a Dish Network DVR remote to control a different Dish Network DVR, for example, a second DVR in a den or bedroom. The procedure can be reversed at any time, should you want to use the remote with another Dish Network DVR.

Step 1

Turn the TV that is attached to the Dish Network receiver on. Press the "Sel" button on the original remote that comes with the Dish Network's receiver to turn it on.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button, followed by the "6," "1" and "3" keys on the original remote. Place the original remote aside.

Step 3

Hold the Dish Network DVR remote that is going to be programmed so that its front end is pointed straight at the receiver's front panel.

Step 4

Press the "SAT" button at the upper-left corner of the remote. Hold the "SAT" button down until the buttons next to it illuminate.

Step 5

Press the number "2" on the remote, followed by the "#" key. Count the number of times the "SAT" button flashes; three flashes indicate that you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6

Press the red "Record" button that is below the "Pause" button, which is itself beneath the "DVR" button.

Step 7

Press the "Sel" button on the remote to close the window that is still up on the screen. Press the "Power" button at the top of the remote to turn the receiver off. Turn the TV off.