How to Program DirecTV Remotes for a Panasonic

By Maya Austen

Every DirecTV customer receives the same basic equipment when he subscribes to DirecTV service. A DirecTV satellite dish is installed on the outdoor property and, to unscramble the TV signals for the channels in your DirecTV package, a DirecTV satellite receiver is connected to the TV. Additionally, a DirecTV universal remote control is provided to operate the receiver. Because it is a universal remote, it can also be programmed to operate other audio/video devices. The remote must be programmed with a specific device code to operate Panasonic brand devices.

Manually turn on the Panasonic device.

Slide the Mode switch, located at the top of the DirecTV remote control, to either the "AV1" or "AV2" setting if you are programming the remote control to operate a Panasonic VCR, DVD player or DVD recorder. Slide the switch to the "TV" setting if you are programming the remote to operate a Panasonic television set.

Simultaneously press and hold the remote control's "Mute" and "Select" buttons until the LED light at the top of the remote blinks two times.

Enter one of the following five-digit Panasonic device codes for DirecTV remote controls. If a legitimate code is properly entered, the LED light should once again blink two times.

DirecTV Remote Control Codes for Panasonic TVs:

10051; 10001; 10250; 10650; 10047; 10053; 10054; 10060; 10093; 10145; 10150; 10154;

10156; 10165; 10178; 11347; 10171; 11410; 11347; 10032; 10679; 11480; 11947; 10226; 11941; 11510; 10375; 11310; 11271; 11946; 10161; 10162; 10317; 11290; 11345; 11919; 11291; 11457; 10281

DirecTV Remote Control Codes for Panasonic VCRs and DVD Devices:

20490; 21762; 21462; 21362; 21490; 20632; 20503; 20703; 21641; 21579

Aim the DirecTV remote control at the Panasonic device. Press the remote's "Power" button. If the device shuts off it means that the DirecTV remote control is now programmed with the proper device code to operate the Panasonic device. If the device fails to shut off, repeat Steps 3 through 5 using an alternate Panasonic device code from the list in Step 4.