How to Program a DirecTV Remote for a Philips DVD Player

By Maya Walker

Program your DirecTV remote to control your television.
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You can program your DirecTV remove to work with your other electronic devices, including a Philips DVD player. Once programmed, you can control your DVD player's power and the playing of a DVD. You do not need to program your remote again unless you switch satellite receivers or purchase a new player. To control your player after programming, you only need to select it from your remote's “Mode” switch.

Step 1

Turn on your Philips DVD player and ensure the DirecTV receiver is on.

Step 2

Slide the “Mode” switch on your DirecTV remote to “AV 1.” The switch is located at the top of your remote.

Step 3

Press and hold the “Select” and “Mute” buttons until the remote's LED light flashes twice.

Step 4

Enter the code for your Philips DVD player using the remote's keypad. Codes 20646, 20539, 20503, 20675 and 20854 are the most common codes for the Philips DVD player.

Step 5

Point the remote at your DVD player and press the “Power” button. If the DVD player turns off, the code was correct. If not, repeat the process using one of the other codes.