How to Program a DirectTV RF Remote

By Andrew Smith

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A DirecTV RF remote is a remote control that features a “radio frequency” option. When the RF transmitter on the DirecTV remote is enabled, you will be able to use the remote to control the DirecTV satellite receiver from any room in your house. Similar to being able to use the DirecTV to control a television or other device, the RF remote must be programmed properly to use the remote's RF capabilities.

Step 1

Find the DirecTV receiver's 12-digit identification number (the “RID” number). This number is found either on the back of the receiver, or inside of the “CAM” access door which is located next to the “Reset” button on the receiver. Write down or memorize the last six numbers of the “RID” number.

Step 2

Slide the “Mode” switch at the top of the DirecTV remote to the “DirecTV,” “AV1” or “AV2” option. Any one of the options is fine.

Step 3

Hold down “Mute” and “Select” on the remote until the light located under the “Mode” switch flashes twice. Let go of the buttons after the light flashes.

Step 4

Press the buttons “9,” “6” and “1” in that order on the remote. The previously mentioned light flashes twice again.

Step 5

Press and release “Channel Up” once. The light flashes twice again.

Step 6

Enter in the last six digits of the “RID” number, using the remote's number keys to do so.

Step 7

Press “Select” on the remote. The RF remote is programmed with the RF transmitter enabled.