How to Program a Digital Police Scanner

by Pamela Gardapee

If you have a police scanner, you need to know how to program it so that you can listen to what is happening around you. Digital scanners are easy to program and all you need is a list of frequencies for your specific location. You can take the scanner anywhere and program in different frequencies for any area you visit as long as you have the frequency list.

Step 1

Locate the battery compartment on the scanner first and make sure that you have a battery installed. This will prevent any memory loss if you unplug the scanner from the AC current for long periods of time.

Step 2

Press the "Manual" button on the scanner. This will stop the channel scanning process.

Step 3

Enter the channel that you would like to start programming. For instance, if you want to program channel 10, use the numerical keypad to enter 1 and 0, then press "Manual" again.

Step 4

Enter the frequency number. For instance, if you want to program 155.345, use the keypad to enter 1 5 5 "Dot button" 3 4 5. Press "Enter" when you have entered the correct channel.

Step 5

Press "Manual" again to program additional channels and repeat steps 3 and 4. If you make a mistake when entering the frequency, you can redo step 3 and 4 to reprogram the frequency correctly.

Press "Manual" when you are done programming all of your preferred frequencies, and the scanner will start scanning.


  • Always make sure you enter channels only once, or the scanner will beep three times when you press the "Enter button" to alert you to duplicate frequencies.

Items you will need

  • Frequency listing

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