How to Program a Cox Universal Remote for Your TV

by Abby Vaun

Your Cox Universal Remote Control comes programmed to control the set-top box, but you can program it to control your TV, too. After you program the remote for your TV, you only need the single remote to adjust the volume, change the channel and turn your TV and cable set-top box on and off together.

Step 1

Turn on your TV, using its power button.

Step 2

Point your Cox Universal Remote Control at the TV, and press the “TV” mode button one time.

Step 3

Press and hold the “Setup” button on the remote until the TV mode button blinks two times. Release the “Setup” button.

Step 4

Enter the four-digit code for your television brand. The codes are found in the Cox Universal Remote Control User's Manual (link in References). If more than one code is listed, use the first one. The TV mode button will blink two times if you performed the previous steps correctly. If it comes on and stays on, repeat Steps 2 through 4 with the same code.

Press the “Power” button on your remote. Your TV should turn off. If it does not, repeat Steps 2 through 4 with the next code for your brand of television.


  • If none of the codes work, or if you do not have a list of the codes, perform Steps 1 through 3, then press “991,” and wait for the TV mode button to blink twice. Press the “Power” button, and then the “TV” mode button slowly. Continue alternating between the two until the TV turns off. Press the “Setup” button on your remote. Your remote is now programmed to control your television.


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